adresinde gördüğüm bir karşılaştırmayı sizlerle paylaşmak istedim.Java’yla uğraşasan arkadaşlar tepki gösterebilir :)Aşağıdaki kod karşılaştırmalarında python nun daha az kodla java nın yaptığını yaptığı belirtilmiş.

Yeri gelmişken aşağıdaki video yuda paylaşmak mı python mu hangi programlama dili iyi diye bir diyalog gerçekleştirilmiş.İki arkadaşın yaptığı bu diyaloğu videonun altına kopyalıyorum.

Which computer programming system is better? Which one will help me get the best employment and jobs? Is one programming language more useful than the other?

I want to learn programming to be able to get a decent job. Should I learn Java or Python?

If you already know C++, Java is easy to learn. And if you know Java, you’ll be able to pick up C++ and C# easily, which is used to write many mainframe applications.

I don’t know C in any form.

Java is easy to understand. And Java has plenty of documentation and online forums to handle any question you may have.

Is Java easier to learn?

Python is often considered easier to learn from a coding perspective, but it is easier to understand the logic of someone else’s Java code.

Why is that?

Java requires you to define variables up front, so later programmers know exactly what each variable represents. Python uses dynamic typing, allowing you to change variables, and even its variable type.

What is the market for Java programmers relative to Python programmers?

Java is used in far more applications than Python. Java is the standard language for Android apps.

I’ve heard of both languages being used in programming or building applications.

If someone has already written an application in C, Python can be used to build an interface. You can even invoke legacy C code from within Python.

What is used more often for writing new software applications?

Python is not as complex as Java. You can typically build new software applications more quickly in Python than you can in Java.

Why is that?

Python is good for rapid software development. Python applications are 20% to 30% of the length of a comparable Java application, so the code even runs faster.

It sounds like I should learn Python.

Java and Python are not mutually exclusive. JPype lets Python programs access to Java class libraries. Jython is a form of the Python programming language that is written in Java.

Could I just learn both?

Absolutely. Then you’ll have twice as many opportunities than if you put yourself in a niche.


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